Heath Ledger muerto, muerto, muerto… como mis sueños …. mis esperanzas…. mis metas…….. shig!

Heath Ledger Dead at 28
HEATH Ledger's shocking demise is not only a terrible loss for his daughter Matilda, his Perth-based family and his many fans, it also throws into disarray two movies.Ledger was in production with the next instalment in the Batman series, The Dark Knight, in which he was starring opposite Christian Bale as a macabre joker.

Early photos from the set suggest Ledger was taking the series into a new darker chapter.

Also on Ledger's slate was the new Terry Gilliam film, The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, about a travelling theatre company. It was due to start filming in London shortly.

Ledger was one of Australia's true international acting stars. His American breakthrough role came with the teen hit 10 Things I Hate About You, but real global respect came with his Oscar nominated turn in the moving gay cowboy drama Brokeback Mountain.

He met his now ex-partner Michelle Williams on the set of the film. The pair had a baby, Matilda, but broke of their engagement and split recently.

Gossip has since linked him with troubled young actor and party girl Lindsay Lohan.

Ledger had a troubled relationship with the media in his home town of Sydney. Paparazzi photographers squirted Ledger and Williams with water pistols at the premiere of Brokeback Mountain.

He later angrily denied reports he had spat on the photographers.

"It was just silly and unnecessary. It really hurt our feelings and it hurt my feelings to suddenly have a quick title above my name now, that we're a gang of spitters,'' he told the Herald Sun later.

But he said he regretted flicking the finger at photographers.

"Pulling finger signs at photographers, it's not representing who I am, it's representing the panic that occurs when you turn around and there's a camera staring in at you. You see red, or I do.

"I'm a young guy and I've grown up with this in the younger years when you're more passionate and protective and you're more explosive during that time of your life and it felt like a natural reaction for me.

"I didn't feel that I was rebelling against anything. Obviously it's not the most polite way of dealing with things, but I didn't feel they were being polite. I forget that when I do that I'm not pulling a finger sign at a guy holding a camera, I'm pulling a finger sign in a newspaper that everyone reads.''

Ledger later sold his Sydney dream house, claiming the paparazzi had driven him out, and moved to Brooklyn in New York where he lived with Williams and Matilda before the split.

Ledger can be seen in cinemas now in the Bob Dylan biopic I'm Not There.

Claire Sutherland
Herald Sun

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